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About us

Nature’s 5 is your Personal Lifestyle Coach & Friend. We have developed a mobile healthcare platform which will guide you to a healthy lifestyle. The idea is to bring Health on top of priority list even in your busy life. We will guide you, motivate you, help you track your progress and make the most informed decision for your health.

Our panel of Nutrition and fitness experts have multiple years of experience and are here to give you the best Lifestyle coaching and offer the most effective fitness plans.

We have put together some of the most advanced technology in order to give you a seamless, uncomplicated and most effective healthcare and lifestyle tool right in your mobile. The Nature’s 5 app is a reflection of our Vision which is , “Disease free world”.


Tools for Healthy Lifestyle

Sync & View

Sync multiple Health & Wellness apps and Devices for centralized health monitoring.

Personalized Health Plan

We don’t believe in One-Size-Fits-All.

Interactive Chat Feature

Reach out to experts through In-App chat feature and get your queries solved.

Regular Fitness Report

Get regular reports on the progress you have made. Keep it safe for future references.

Calorie Counter

Track every food you eat. We help you meet your daily target.

Activity Counter

We help you measure every energy you spent during running, exercising or just walking.

Reminder Setting

Never again you will miss to have meal or sleep on time. It also reminds you for exercise and water intake.

Informative Content

We complement this with our rich library of textual and video content.

How we work

Simple steps to start a Healthy Lifestyle

   Create your Profile

Provide basic health information and set up your profile.

   Sync with Google Fit or Fitbit

Sync various apps and devices and enjoy centralized health monitoring.

   Track your Progress

Keep track of your diet patterns, activity level, sleep progress and water consumption.

   Follow your Health Plan (Premium)

Customized health plan designed by experts to help you achieve your goal.


Choose your Health Plan

Fat Cutter

Focus Area
  Cut down excess Fat
  Body Toning

Key Features
  Lose 2- 3 kg per month
  Personalized Health Plans
  3 Health Plans Every 30 days
  Gradual Lifestyle Modification
  Constant Feedback from Experts
  Regular Chat with Experts

Stay Fit

Focus Area
  Balanced Diet    
  Build Muscle Mass    
  Strength Building

Key Features
  Maintain Optimum Weight
  Strengthen Body Core
  Personalized Health Plans
  3 Health Plans Every 30 days
  Gradual Lifestyle Modification
  Constant Feedback from Experts
  Regular Chat with Experts

Eat Right

Focus Area
  High Performance Diet
Ideal for
  Gym Goers
  Professional Sports person
  Busy Corporate people

Key Features
  High Performance Diet Planner
  Designed for max. energy
  Regular Monitoring by Experts
  3 Diet Plans Every 30 days
  Gradual Lifestyle Modifications
  Constant Feedback from Experts
  Regular Chat with Experts

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 MZ-30, Ansal Fortune Arcade Sector - 18, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Noida - 201301
(Uttar Pradesh) India.

 +91 954 023 2160 | +91 959 163 8997

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